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 Austin doesn't wanna do what he is told to Do

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Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin

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PostSubject: Austin doesn't wanna do what he is told to Do   Mon Apr 28, 2008 11:32 pm

*Stone Cold Comes down the ramp with his belt in hand dressed up with Shorts and a Tee Shirt on*

Styles: well if i didn't know better it looks like Austin is not ready to fight in his match that is suppose to be right now
Tazz: Well Tell ya what dumbo....He is the champ he can do what ever the hell he wants

Austin: So ya think your real cool Mr. O'Jackass!!!


I Said Ya think your a Smart Asss putting ole stone cold in a Handicap match!!


Well I tell ya what...I went to my friend good Old J.R and I dont mean Jim Ross...Thats right...Jeremy Roberts and he told me that he would switch the match that his boss O' Jackass decided to put me in....So I am now gonna commentat the match between CM Punk and John Cena...So ref ring the damn bell and get this Son bitchin match under way...

TBC: By No one
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Austin doesn't wanna do what he is told to Do
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