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 After Rock Vs. Ravynn

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Matt Macaluso

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After Rock Vs. Ravynn Empty
PostSubject: After Rock Vs. Ravynn   After Rock Vs. Ravynn Icon_minitimeSat May 03, 2008 9:08 pm

After Rock leaved the ring Ravynn is still in the ring slowly getting up.He is grabing his ribs.

Suddenly a Jacked 6 and a half feet superstar comes out and slides into the ring with a devious smile on his face. He grabs a mike.


Crowd: Mixed Reaction.

Matt Macaluso: I have come here to help out old Ravynn.

Matt Macaluso pulls up Ravynn and puts out hiss massive hand for Ravynn to shake. Ravynn is eager to shake hands with the Matt, considering his size a strength, hoping to get on his good side. But as soon as there hands tocuh Matt Starts beating the hell out of Ravynn. He does a series of suplexes and other grapples. Then he forcefulyl thorws ravynn out of the ring. He takes out a chair and clotheslines Ravynn with it. Ravynn is starting to spit up blood. Then Matt puts Ravynns head onto the chair and takes another chair and starts brutally whipping Ravyyns head with it. At this point, Ravynn is out cold. Matt picks up the limp body of Ravynn and starts strangling Ravyyn with a TV wire. After a good 3 minutes of choking a referee comes and distracts Matt while antoher ref untanlges Ravynn. Matt then knocks out both refs with a massive punch to the back of the head. Matt is not done yet, he takes out a barbedwire bat and starts ripping skin off of Ravynn, he is bleeding heavily. Matt grabs the mike.

Matt Macaluso: Welcome to a new ERA!

Matt takes Ravyyn and does his finishing move, the Cutter.

Matt finally walks out of the arena while paramedics are rushing Ravynn to the nearest hospital.


Styles: Ater that beating, I dont think Ravynn will be able to ever wrestle again!
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After Rock Vs. Ravynn
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