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 Kennedy is not impressed with the ppv card

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PostSubject: Kennedy is not impressed with the ppv card   Sun May 04, 2008 7:04 pm

* out comes Mr. Kennedy in some sharpe clothes. he walks down the ring with a pissed off look on his face he gets in the ring does that pose where he reaches up for the mic. it falls and lands perfectly in his hand.

KENNEDY: Now if i can have your attention......

*crowd boos

KENNEDY: shhhh.... shhh. shhhh...I have something to say so please. those holes in your faces shut em. now I just last week said I had respect for manegment so im sitting in the back and a buddy of mine not to name any names told me i wasnt on the card for the ppv.
So to manegment im gonna look at it this way you overlooked me Heeey it happens. So give me a damn match!!!!!!!

*Kennedy waits for manegment to reply when suddenly someone else replies he doesnt expect*

(TBC by He knows who noone else not adam)
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PostSubject: Re: Kennedy is not impressed with the ppv card   Sun May 04, 2008 7:32 pm

Some unfamiliar music rings through the arena and the crowd stay quiet.

Out from behind the set Mark Hall enters the arena in blue jeans, a white shirt with a black jacket over the top. He raises his arms and the crowd let out a small cheer. He walks down the ramp and enters the ring holding a mirophone.

Tazz: Who is this guy? And who does he think he is interuppting Mr Kennedy like that?

Styles: This must be one of CWF's new signings. Shhh he's talking.

Mark Hall: I must say it's great to be here in CWF.

The crowd cheer

Mark Hall: Now onto buisness Mr Kennedy. You haven't got a PPV match, I haven't got a PPV match it's pretty simple. You and me in a singles match. A rising star against a super star. What do you say about that?

Mr Kennedy:...who are you? I'm sorry shouldn't you be selling the hotdogs? I'm kidding man i'm kidding. It would be an honour to face someone like you.

Mr Kennedy Extends his arm for a handshake.

Tazz: That's not the real Mr Kennedy. Kennedy is more smash mouth and less gentleman like.

Styles: shhhh

As Mark Hall goes to shake his hand Kennedy throws the microphone, hitting Mark in the temple. It lets out a loud thud as it drops to the floor and Mark rolls out the ring. The two exchange heated words. Just as Mark goes towards the ring apron security arrive to escort him up the ramp. Mr Kennedy picks up the microphone and waits till Mark Hall is out of sight

Mr Kennedy:Ladies and gentleman I give you the one, the only
Misteeeeeeeeeeer Kennedeeeeeeeeeeey

The crowd boo as Mr Kennedy makes his way up the ramp and out the entrance.
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PostSubject: Re: Kennedy is not impressed with the ppv card   Mon May 05, 2008 10:26 pm


****O'Reilly gets to the ring and grabs the mic from off of the canvas***

O'Reilly: So Kennedy, you want a match at the PPV, well you got it. At No turning back it will be Mr. Kennedy going one on one with Mark Hall in a Hardcore Match with the winner getting a TV title shot next wednesday on Warzone.

***O'Reilly drops the mic, rolls out of the ring, and walks up the ramp.***
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PostSubject: Re: Kennedy is not impressed with the ppv card   

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Kennedy is not impressed with the ppv card
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