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 The Fallen Angel

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PostSubject: The Fallen Angel   The Fallen Angel Icon_minitimeTue May 06, 2008 12:50 am

The Lights In The Arena Shut Off And A spotlight points in the middle of the ring from the top of the arena a body slowly begins to lower from teh rafters of the arena the crowd is in shock in wondering who it might be as the figures feet hits the floor the lights darken and the entire arena stares at the figure in the middle of the ring cloaked in robes face hidden

Unknown Voice:Now Just when everyone believed it was safe in the cwf again,I make my return

The figure lifts his right hand n grips the back of his robe at his spinal cord then rips it over his head the ring posts ignite inflames as the flames lower Phenex is revieled standing in the middle of the ring with his Xtreme title wrapped around his waste

Phenex:Now for some reason management assumed because i take some personal time but now im back to raise carnage and hell throught my domian and hold onto my belt

tbc by whoever the hell wants to continue it
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Jeremy Roberts

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PostSubject: Re: The Fallen Angel   The Fallen Angel Icon_minitimeTue May 06, 2008 12:09 pm

Styles: Hey look its the Warzone GM Jeremy Roberts
Tazz: well he might have some big news for Phenex since his leave I don't think he realizes what happened.

Roberts: ya see phenex Im sorry to imform you but when your little leave was happening we striped you of your title....I know I know your not happy about it...and either am I...I know your a great X Champion...but we had to do it for reason fairness.....Since I am a Fair guy I will give you a shot at it back......No Turning Back.....It will Be Ricky the Destory Vs Phenex In a Exstreme Rules Match for the X stream Championship.

Crowd Huge Roar

Roberts: But you know its missing something........Oh i know....Me!! Its going to be a Triple Thret at No Turning Back for the X stream Championship......Phenex vs Ricky vs Me Jeremy no give me that belt....since it was will get your shot at No truning back.

*Roberts Extends his hands for the belt*

TBC: By Phenex
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The Fallen Angel
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