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 Interviewing Austin

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Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin

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Interviewing Austin Empty
PostSubject: Interviewing Austin   Interviewing Austin Icon_minitimeTue May 06, 2008 11:52 am

* Warzone Cuts to the back after a match and Todd Grishiam is shown*

Todd: Were here with the First Ever Undisputed Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin
We all want to know how do u feel about going into No Turning Back Having Defended your Title against not only Cena But CM Punk?

Austin: What?

Todd: I asked how you feel ab....

Austin: What?

Todd: I asked you how you feel about Defending your titl at No Turning Back?

Austin: You wanna know how I feel...I will tell ya....Ya see I don't give a Rats ass who i gotta face....Austin 3:16 is gonna open a can of whoop ass on any one that tries to take this belt from me

*ausin Holds the Belt up*

Crowd: huge roar

Austin: but ya know what....ya got one thing No Turning Back it's not going to be Old Stone Cold Opening a Can on CM Punk and Cena....UH AHHHH!!! Ya see tonight if i beat Cean...I open a can on cena tonight and pull out the 1.2.3..He is gone from The CWF which means at No Turning Back it will be Austin going one on one with CM Punk.....And thats the Bottom Line......Cause Stone Cold Said So!!!!

*Austin Shoves Todd out of the Way and heads to the ring for his Match*

TBC: By no one
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Interviewing Austin
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