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 Roberts after His match

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Jeremy Roberts

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Roberts after His match Empty
PostSubject: Roberts after His match   Roberts after His match Icon_minitimeSun May 11, 2008 4:57 pm

* A very pissed off roberts is walking back to the Locker room*

Todd: Wow Jeremy this has marked the 3 strait loss for you...and on all nights when many people thought you could turn it around we wanna know your feels?

*A very sudden deep thought comes to roberts and then he snaps*

Roberts: How the FUCK do you think i feel? Huh how do you don't realize how close I am to fireing your ass on the spot...huh then maybe we can see how u feel? How does it feel to be in the unemployment line? Huh.....God Damn Dude I just went out there lost it....possible lost it all....So here is what i plan on doing....Im taking next week off...and i mean for everything.....From Being GM to payroll to Arena Booking, I Mean everything....Next Week CWF will be run only by are great Leader Mike O'Riely Im taking a vacation I need to get away.

*Roberts walks away......Then comes back

Roberts: And when I come back 2 things will happen....First off There will be hell to pay...secondly......Well lets just say its a surprise....

No one can continue this
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Roberts after His match
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