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 Warzone Aftermath With The Rock

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PostSubject: Warzone Aftermath With The Rock   Mon May 12, 2008 1:00 am

*** The Match has been going on for Around 15 Minutes. When Out of No Where The Terminater hits his Finishing Move. ***

J.R: F5! F5!

Kng: It's All Over J.R.!

Ref: 1!

*** Bell Sounds and Terminater's Music Hits and He Celebrates While Making His Way to the Back. A Few Moments Pass and The Rock Finally Makes it back To his Feet. He Calls For a Microphone and Begins to speak. ***

Rock: I'm tired Of This Crap! I had Better Luck In HollyWood! I'm Sick of Losing! I have But One Victory In this Damn Federation! And It was Against That Damn Seth SkyWater! I'm The Rock Is Out of Here. The Rock is Heading Back To HollyWood To Make Some More BlockBusters You Descustiong People Love Soo Much!

*** The Rock Drops His Microphone and Storms out of the Ring pissed off and Leaves The WarZone Arena.***

( TBC NO ONE! - That's The End of The Rock.......... )
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Seth Skyfire

Seth Skyfire

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PostSubject: Re: Warzone Aftermath With The Rock   Mon May 12, 2008 12:09 pm

( Just to let you know, I havnt gone against The Rock so he didnt beat me... XD )
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Warzone Aftermath With The Rock
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