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PostSubject: THE BEAST IS BACK !!   Mon May 12, 2008 1:31 pm

STYLES: Hello folks and welcome back from the commercial break this past sunday at No Turning Back we crowned new tag team champions but the thing is it was somewhat
of a reluctant pair lets take you back to no turning back..(A VIDEO AIRS FROM NO TURNING BACK)

TAZ: Ya you know joey i couldnt believe it the beast and seth skyfire had to team up and beast and skyfire came out on top.

*The room fades to a dark ominous red*

TAZ:Speak of the devil its the beast.

*Beast walks down to the ring with his new gold not feeling to impressed by it he steps into the ring signals for a mic they hand it to him he motions to say something.But is interupted by the sound of this music

STYLES: Figures i had the feeling if beast was back this guy wouldnt be to far behind

*he begins to talk*

PREACHER: Beast beast you dont have to say a word im here to say what you feel i Paul Preacher im back by your side to help you see the right path so put that mic aw....

*He doesnt even get to finesh his sentence before getting speared to hell then he gets picked up and hit with the Dominator. The Crowd gets put in a frenzy over this*

BEAST:(IN A DEEP VOICE) Maybe now you will keep your mouth shut im tired of being someones lacky I am my own man now id like to get a few things off my chest Skyfire
the only reason i became your partner is I was doin one last favor for someone the only reason I did this favor is because i was promised one in return.Also all these fans
know i am the most dominant force in the CWF not the one you call the unholly Ryot.So
back to my favor I think the one who promised it should get out here and go through with it.


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PostSubject: Re: THE BEAST IS BACK !!   Tue May 13, 2008 6:53 pm

****O'Reilly grabs a mic and looks at Beast*****

O'Reilly: Well Beast, you're right. I did promise you something. So let's get it start. CM Punk, get out here. And bring a ref with you because this match will be for the CWF Undisputed Championship


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