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 kennedy on mark hall apollo rock and the T.V Title

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kennedy on mark hall apollo rock and the T.V Title Empty
PostSubject: kennedy on mark hall apollo rock and the T.V Title   kennedy on mark hall apollo rock and the T.V Title Icon_minitimeMon May 12, 2008 1:55 pm

*Out steps Kennedy wearing his new CWF TALK LOUD t-shirt.he walks down to the ring with this i cant believe it smile on his face.he gets in the ring does his signiture tauntthe mic falls down from who knows where and he catches it perfectly in his hand.

KENNEDY:(you hear the sound of him chewing his gum between each sentence)Now that i have everybodys attention id just like to remind you or inform you.......I lost
thats right sunday night Markie Hall beat me so no im not gonna come out here singing my own praises screaming my own name tonight im here to congradulate Markie.
congradulations Markie you just earned yourself another match with me Mr. Kennedy
and im just asking markie how many times can you get lucky.

*kennedy starts laughing in this cocky manner*

KENNEDY:But from what i hear your not my biggest threat tonight theres one guy whos undeafeted around here. is he undefeated am i right(hes asking the photographers outside)well it doesnt matter cause i know hes on a winnig streak and thats gonna end tonight not at some Pay-per-view tonight right here on warzone im gonna do what rocky boy who walked out on this fed earlier couldnt im gonna beat Apollo and become yours thats right all of you your T.V CHAMP.

*HE throws the mic back up in the air and begins to walk to the back*
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kennedy on mark hall apollo rock and the T.V Title
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