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 Start of Warzone (5/14/08) CM Punk

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PostSubject: Start of Warzone (5/14/08) CM Punk   Mon May 12, 2008 4:43 pm

Tazz: Listen to the ovation for the new CWF Champion

Styles: Everyones on their feet

CM Punk stands in the middle of the ring absorbing all the cheers, then puts the mic up to his mouth
Punk: I gotta a couple of things to say first of all i would like to give my congrats to stone cold for a terrific match at no turning back but at the end of it as i promised i am the new champ.

Crowd Cheer

CM Punk: But tonight will be my first title defence against the giant that is the beast, now a lot of people have asked me if i am worried and if i am in the best condition coming off the back of my hardest ever match, but all i can say to them is i am the champ and will be for a very long time

The crowd cheer again
He throws the mic down and heads towards the ramp

(TBC by Beast if he wants)
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Start of Warzone (5/14/08) CM Punk
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