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 Austin Via satilite

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Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin

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PostSubject: Austin Via satilite   Austin Via satilite Icon_minitimeTue May 13, 2008 6:05 pm

*Video shows austin sitting in his living room at his home in Texas*

Tazz: Okay folks the time we have been waiting for our interview with Austin via satilite....from his Home in Victoria Texas

Joey: So Austin we all want to know when will you becoming back

Austin: Well Joey I sure did get pretty well banged up last night at No Turning Back, and I did lose my title...But im not a quitter and all these SOB's running there mouth how they wanna end old stone colds career well you know what I say?

Crowd: What?

Austin: I Said Ya KNow what i say?

Crowd: What?

Austin: I said im gonna open a can of whop ass on all them Son's a Bitches

Tazz: well how about the Ledgen Killer Randy Orton... he called you out but you weren't here what do you say about that?

Austin: What?...Im just playing...That Cocky son's a bitch is gonna get a beating of a life time...As far as Divine Intervention if ya wanna see Stone Cold Steve Austin whoop that Cocky SOB Randy orton give me a HELL YA!!!

Crowd: Hell Yeah!!
Austin: Then I accept!!!

Joey: Well we hope to see you next week
Austin: I will be there next week so Randy you better watch your ass Because you never know when old stone cold might come and beat you to a lifeless carcus to a blood Pulp...AND THATS THE BOTTOM LINE.....CAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO!!!!
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Austin Via satilite
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