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 Enter EL Vampiro?

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Enter EL Vampiro? Empty
PostSubject: Enter EL Vampiro?   Enter EL Vampiro? Icon_minitimeTue May 13, 2008 6:46 pm

The lights go dim and smoke on the entrance way. the following video plays

Tazz: Woah Joey is this freakshow coming out?

Joey: The freakshow is name El Vampiro Tazz. Something is going on in the crowd.

Tazz: Its Raven! Look Joey its Raven haha!

Raven pushes people out of his way and his way over the guard rail. Raven grabs a

mic and gets in the ring.

Joey: Oh my God what is he doing here.

Raven sitting in the cornor of the ring and looks around at the stunned look of the

crowd. The crowd is dead silent.

Tazz: Haha man you could hear a pin drop up in here.

Raven: The look on yalls face is priceless. I sign up as one of the indies wrestling heroe name EL Vampiro to trick you morons. Do you think that drug addict was ever capable of committing to any federation? Specially one like CWF? Anyways I'm here not only to wrestle but to deliver a message. CWF is in its final days. The darkness is about to descend upon you. We all need to find a haven, a sanctuary, a place to hide, a place to escape, a place to dream and hope, a place where the darkness won't seem so frightening. So it is written, so it shall come to pass. But for some the darkness it will be relentless enemy that cannot be eluded. And once the darkness senses your fear, once it senses your pain, it is never far
behind. That is message I was sent to deliver. I can only empathize with you people. I can understand yall futilly, but he can't. I can feel your hopelessness
and I feel your pain but he won't....."Quote The Raven Nevermore"

Raven drops the mic and rolls out of the ring then vanishes into the crowd.

Tazz:Who is he that Raven is talking about?

Joey: I don't know partner but I'm sure we will find out soon enough.
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Enter EL Vampiro?
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