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 The beast, Seth Skyfire, and MR. Keeeenneeedy ???

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PostSubject: The beast, Seth Skyfire, and MR. Keeeenneeedy ???   Thu May 15, 2008 12:14 am

*Warzone opens to the NEW undisputed champion sitting in his locker room lacing his walks Seth Skyfire.Beast stands up and grabs his world title*

Skyfire: Whoa man whats up thanks for coming to my rescue last week.

BEAST:HAHAHAHAHMM YOU Thought i came out there to help you i came out there because i was insulted by shawn michaels that was the only reason.

Skyfire: Hey niiice goold (he goes to touch the world title)

BEAST: Dont touch it(Skyfire pulls his hand away)

Skyfire:(in an angry tone)Relax i just came in here for one thing i came in here to remind you that the belt you got over your shoulder isnt your only title so remember that and we are partners whether you like it or not.

*Skyfire walks out and slams the door. Beast stares angerly at the disrespect.just then someone else happens to walk by the scene


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PostSubject: Re: The beast, Seth Skyfire, and MR. Keeeenneeedy ???   Thu May 15, 2008 12:16 am

???: Could ya please stop slamming shit im tryin to relax and i cant with you in the dressing room next to me.

BEAST: With a chuckle WELLLL if it isnt our tv cham....

KENNEDY: Its Telivision Champ not tv thats a lazy mans abriviation. Sooo(he starts chomping away at his gum)your the new world champ hunh



BEAST: Whats that supposed to mean.

KENNEDY:nothing i just thought theyd give the title to someone with more talent
then a guy who comes out to the ring and intimidates people.BUUUUT what do i know

BEAST:Is this going somewhere or NO cause im really starting to lose my patience with

KENNEDY:(getting up into beasts face chomping his gum very loud)Listen big guy ther are some people around here who fear you im not one of dont try to intimidate me you may regrete it.

*For the first time in cwf history you hear a pop for kennedy not a loud one but you here one. Kennedy walks out of the locker room.*
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The beast, Seth Skyfire, and MR. Keeeenneeedy ???
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