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 Jeremy Roberts Return to Action.....And Surprise!!!!!

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Jeremy Roberts

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PostSubject: Jeremy Roberts Return to Action.....And Surprise!!!!!   Thu May 15, 2008 12:46 am

Tazz: OMG its Our GM he is Back!!!!
Joey: Your right....I wonder if he has something important to say?
Tazz: Well duh ya think he is the GM after that is his job! Unlike you where you piss and moan every week when it gets to violent
Joey: well maybe if some superstars would stay in the rules I wouldn't piss and moan like you say!
Tazz: Shut your pie hole and listen up to what Mr. Roberts has to say

Roberts: Damn Im not gonna lie it was nice sitting on the sandy beaches of Cancun Mexico last week...But ya know what...It's Damn good to be back in this ring.

Crowd; huge Roar...

Roberts: as you all know before this vacation week I took....I was in the slumps for matches. All that is going to change ya see...I'm Back..and with a vengance!!! Im out for blood..and any gold if possible!! I mean we do got some pretty good champs...not to mention Austin loses his belt..and punk loses to the Beast...I man that some scary shit that freak of nature holding on to that belt is like superman dieing from a bullet...that is not going to happen...But any ways thats not the main reason Im out here...Ya see Before i Left No Turning Back I told you all that I had a surprise for you....Well its go a little like this...Since I love you fans so much I decide that I Jeremy Roberts will give u Twice is much action...Cause this coming Week on Warzone thats right I will provide you all With som HLA.....Hot...Lesbian...ACTION!!!! Thats right...but thats not the only thing I wanted to let you know..I Jeremy Roberts will be in Tag team action...thats Partner you ask...well lets just say that It sure as hell cold in here....

*Roberts looks to the entrance way for the Tag team member to enter*

(TBC: By You know who u are)
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PostSubject: Re: Jeremy Roberts Return to Action.....And Surprise!!!!!   Thu May 15, 2008 1:09 am

TAZ: What the hell its mr kennedy why is he out here interupting Roberts moment.

STYLES:I was wondering the same thing

*kennedy steps through the ropes and grabs a mic.*

KENNEDY:NOW that we have everybodys attention id just like to remind you that we hail from GREENBAAY WISCONSIN we weigh in tonight at a combined weight of five hundred and ten pounds we are THE FROOOOOOOZEEEEEEEEEEEN TUUUUUUUUUNDRAAAAAAA IIIIIIICOOOOOONNS........Icons.

*he throws his title up higher on his shoulder*

KENNEDY: thats right i am Jeremys new end the confusion about why im out here you all heard me say week after week about my respect for manegment but it wasnt for all manegment so ive just decided to team up with the one i can keep watch on more you know the one thats closer to home. MRRRRR. ROBEERRRRRTS.

*just then Kennedy is interupted by Music he looks over very fast at the entrance area*

(TBC by he knows who)
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Jeremy Roberts Return to Action.....And Surprise!!!!!
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