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 The Icons backstage

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Jeremy Roberts

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The Icons backstage Empty
PostSubject: The Icons backstage   The Icons backstage Icon_minitimeTue May 20, 2008 3:38 pm

* Camer shows The GM's Office the doo opens to see roberts on his cell phone*

Roberts: Yeah...Divinie Intervention's Set up is going to be emailed to you I had a draw up of how I want the set to look like........(Door opens and its Kennedy).Hey Can I call you back I gotta go. Okay Bye (Roberts hangs up) Kennedy Hows it going man...We sure surprised Everyone When I annouced That Me and you were going to be teaming up. Tonight you got a match against Kane...I Don't know if im going to be able to make it to ringside...I have Gm shit i gotta Take care of...But hey I promise I always have your back. And as far as my Match with Matt...I won't need any help...Cause like I sayed Theres going to be Hell to pay..and Matt is the first victim on my list. And Im going to work my way all the way up to whoever holds the Undisputed title...Whether it be Austin..Punk...Beast..Any of those guys...Im gonna go out there and show them How The Frozen Tundra Icons Roll....As far as you kennedy Mr. TV Title champion..Im thinke you need some more What do say about going for some tag gold?
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The Icons backstage
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