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 during warzone

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the destroyer

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PostSubject: during warzone   during warzone Icon_minitimeThu May 22, 2008 12:55 am

rick the destroyer walks towards the ring the crowd cheering as he walks down the ramp

tazz: oh not this sore loser

joey: oh come on tazz it was a hard fought match and he was unlucky to win it

the destroyer slides into the ring a mic in the middle of the ring well well well what an awsome crowd we have tonight altoe i'am missing something oh thats right the title which i got robbed out of last week but ryot what you fail to realise is that i was given a rematch clause and its gonna happen at the ppv oh and its gonna be a last man standing match just then ryots music hits he drops the mic getting ready for a right

tbc by ryot
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PostSubject: Re: during warzone   during warzone Icon_minitimeThu May 22, 2008 1:59 pm

****Ryot slowly makes his way down to the ring****

Styles: Look at the face of that hideous monster, he's gonna tear Rick limb from limb

Taz: but you don't see rick running now do ya Joey, he never backs down from a fight.

***Ryot rolls in the ring and immediatley goes after rick***

Styles: Oh My God!

***They trade punches, then Ryot hits a big boot on rick as rick falls and rolls out ton the floor****

Taz: Holy Cow, Ryot damn near took rick's head off

Styles: Just imagine what's gonna happen at Divine Intervention

****Ryot does his taunt in the ring and fire explodes throughout the arena as his music hits****

***Fades to commericial***
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during warzone
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